Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Apparently this week is National Brother Week, and since I've been feeling very sentimental and appreciative of my family as of late, I wanted to write a blog entry dedicated to my brother.

This will be the first time I use names in my blog, but my brother's name is Chip, and when I was younger I would call him Chipper.  He has been an extremely important part of my life.  When we were younger, we lived in a very secluded country setting, and he was my best friend.  We would create our own adventures, our own games.  One of us would stand in a first floor room in our house and pretend we were a drive thru while the other would ride past and order food.  We would climb ridges together, hike up into the forest, play in the creek, play power rangers, anything.

As we got older, we moved into a development. We would ride bikes in the development and build tree houses, plot revenge on our neighbors as we toilet papered their houses, or played midnight ghost in their back yards.

At some point our teasing towards each other became quite vicious.  A rip formed in our relationship and we went our separate ways.  But still, on occasion, we would find our way back again.  Late on Monday nights we'd drive the 30-45 minute to our nearest Walmart and he'd buy new DVD's and we'd stay up all night watching them.  On Christmas Eve, we'd stay up watching Southpark or other movies until it was time to open our presents.  Then my parents got divorced, but the death of one of our friends stunned both of us in unimaginable ways.  We both got lost.

Years later, his marriage to my wonderful sister-in-law, began to change our relationship for the better.  It seemed our previous problems had finally scarred over, and we got back to being there for each other when we could.  It was when I bawled my eyes out at his wedding that I realized the incredible man that he had become.

When I was younger, my life felt like I was always chasing after him.  Like a little girl following him in the snow, I was always trying to jump in his footsteps so I didn't get stuck, but they were always so big and hard for me to follow.  Now, instead of chasing after him, I have created a life for myself.  But I still marvel at how big his footsteps are to me, and how far they've traveled.  He is such a good role model to me.

He tries, so very hard at everything he does.  Laziness is like a foreign word to him.  He puts 100% into everything, his job, his marriage, his friendships.  He is a true gentleman.  His relationship with my sister-in-law, is the kind of relationship that people look at and are amazed, thinking it no longer exists.  He respects her, she respects him, they take every step together, united.  They talk every decision over together, and while I'm sure they fight on occasion (I mean, come on, they can't be that friggin perfect), they always work it out and you can tell.  But the more incredible part is, neither of them are "whipped".  They spend a lot of time together but it is because they enjoy spending time together.  You can tell that they are each other's best friends.  It is so amazing to have watched them blossom and shape into this perfect, ideal couple.  The changes in him are completely evident.  He has become someone I can really rely on.  I can talk to him about my life, and instead of judging me, he gives me advice.  I respect him so much and his approval will always matter to me.  I, not only hope that I become as incredible of a person that he is, but I also hope that when I get married (to my boyfriend), that our marriage will be as healthy, fun, and incredible as his is.

As years have passed now, we have grown closer.  And it really is a dream come true to me, to finally have that friend I had when I was so young back.  He is such an amazing person and words cannot describe my love for him.  A little sister could never be as lucky as I am to have been blessed with such a strong man to protect her and guide her through life. 

Chip, I really do love you and am so very grateful to have you in my life.  Happy National Brothers Week.

Okay, I think I've cried enough for today....so Thank you all for reading this.

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